These are acceptable for in-house groups of approximately 20-30 individuals at a time. Advance
preparation is required for participants. The typical time period is 2-3 hours per seminar.
Additional costs for assessments required in advance of the workshops. We can custom design programs to your specific training and workshop needs for individuals, employees, supervisors and executives.

New Year ~ New You!

Polishing up the New You workshop on how to update your curriculim vitae, resume &/or Brag Sheet – not just for new jobs but for your new prospects and clients!  Learn how to let your accomplishments shine through to help you gain new clients and prospects.  Identify the career paths that will set you apart from your competition!

Sales Training & Networking Courses

From beginner to advanced – all are custom designed to client specification and can range from 2 hours for a seminar to 3-6 hours for a workshop.

The Guide to Self-Improvement

Two components are done in conjunction with each other. Fun-filled interactive environment.

  • Management – will provide a leader’s guide that employers use to understand their employees. It will help them to understand how to achieve greater productivity, motivation, cooperation and communication.
  • Employees – will provide information an employee can use to personalize a program of self improvement; suggestions for increased effectiveness in the five critical job-related competencies, response to job-related stress, frustration, & conflict; what motivates each individual (incentives, rewards, job conditions); and motivational energy.

Knowing Your Job Fit

This workshop is a team building exercise which will cover the process and methodology for managers/employees to understand themselves and the people they work with; and outlines the process including one-on-one coaching tips. It will identify each individuals learning index, verbal skills/ reasoning, numerical abilities/reasoning, behavioral traits (9 that are deemed essential to job success), occupational interests, financial/administrative traits, people service, technical, mechanical & creative traits.

  • Optional Sales XT Workshop – It is generally accepted that about 20% of a sales team are responsible for 80% of the sales production. The job-related attributes of the top 20% have been analyzed to determine what makes them different from average and below-average producers. Participants will receive in addition to the above, important information on thinking style, behavioral characteristics, occupational traits.
  • Managers will now have the ability to recognize individuals with the attributes they desire to give them an advantage in making hiring decisions, coaching and training and motivating for better sales or employee performance.

Customer Service Workshops

This workshop provides and evaluates characteristics affecting an individual’s suitability to provide customer service. It will measure trust, tact, empathy, conformity, focus and flexibility. It will provide information for managers to make better hiring and placement decisions, coaching employees for better job performance, and information for the employee to use for self improvement.

Team Analysis Workshops

Will identify the following information for the participants:

  • Team balance analysis – does the team achieve balance in these 12 critical team competencies: control, social, patience, precision, ambition, positive expectancy, composure, analytical, results orientation, emotions, team player, quality orientation.
  • Team leader’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Team members strengths and weaknesses.
  • Team leader coaching.


These are all non-discriminatory, meeting requirements of the EEOC and other government agencies (including the provisions of the ADA and the 1991 Civil Rights Act).