Executive Briefings

Dawn has over 20 different Executive Briefings that cover relevant business challenges faced by CEO’s and high-level executives. Great for in-house trainings, retreats and associations.  Follow-up with an interactive Q & A with the participants and round table discussions. Ask Dawn for a complete listing.

WSEU_Revised Pomaybo version 05.16.2011Why Smart Employees Underperform-7 Hazards to Avoid

This briefing digs into: inadequate capability, poor job fit, fuzzy goals and accountabilities, poor relationships with managers, poor relationships with co-workers, health and wellness issues and physical/environmental factors.


Management Derailers Presentation Pomaybo Inc ee version5 Critical Management Derailers: Symptoms and Remedies

This report explores the common reasons for management failure and offers some common sense advice for helping your managers avoid them.  (Poor interpersonal and communication skills; Inadequate leadership skills; Resistance to change; Inability to deliver expected results; Inability to see beyond their functional silo.)


Upgrading Talent  - Presentation VersionFive Lessons for Upgrading Talent and Outside Superstars

Identify your current and future internal stars first, align your hiring decisions with your talent needs, temper your expectations (performance isn’t always portable), don’t let eagerness short circuit your selection process and under-promise and over-deliver.

Strategic Workforce Planning PresentationExecutive Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

This briefing elaborates on the 6 steps of SWP:  Establish where the business is going, Understand where the labor market is going, Understand future talent demands, Assess current talent inventory, Identify talent gaps and strategies to close them and Implement strategies.

The_Powerful_Act_of_Coaching_Employees_Presentation Powerful Act of Coaching Employees

There are some tasks that we can take care of once a year, like paying taxes or going to the doctor for a checkup. And there are other tasks that we need to perform more often, sometimes even daily. This powerful briefing shows us how to coach our employees  so they can perform at their highest!


6 Crucial Behaviors for Customer Facing Employees_Presentation SBPSix Crucial Behaviors for Customer Facing Employees

This session identifies and explains the core behaviors of your Customer-facing employees that make the biggest difference for your business.  One bad customer experience can cost you that customer for life.  Learn how to make sure that your next hire possesses all of them!

Fostering_A_Culture_of_Engagement_Presentation SBPFostering a Culture of Engagement

Are your employees engaged in their work? Are they loyal to your business? How do you know these things? We will help you to learn about engagement in your organization and how to identify and describe the three levels of engagement.


Leadership Charisma Executive BriefingEnhancing your Leadership Charisma: A Step by Step Guide

Throughout history there have been leaders who had a gift with people, a gift that gave them a particular ability to motivate people, engage them, infuse them with passion and drive them to achieve greater results than even they themselves thought possible…Harness that in yourself!

Seven Biggest Teambuilding Blunders_Presentation SBPSeven Biggest Teambuilding Blunders

An effective team can accomplish more as a whole than its individual members can accomplish on their own.  You can build and manage a high-performing team by avoiding these seven team-building blunders!


Six Keys to Unlocking the Potential of Frontline Managers

Unlocking the Potential of Frontline Managers

Times of change present many challenges for organizations, particularly for frontline managers whose people will be responsible for implementing the change. Pressure to perform is high, as are emotions, and everyone is expected to do more with less. Identify the six keys to performance.